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August 18, 2018
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Angel Chenille

Product Code : D12181
Product Category : Fabric
Fabric Width/Size : 146CM+/-5%
Fabric Weight : 750GSM+/-5%
Material Content : 55% Chenille , 35% Viscose, 10% Fibre Coating


A chenille yarn dye woven quilting fabric from China. Come with variety of colors.

Item Code Item Color Item Code Item Color
D12181-1 Vanilla D12181-10 Maple Leaf
D12181-2 Chestnut D12181-11 Red Wine
D12181-3 Coffee D12181-12 Aqua Blue
D12181-4 Hazelnut D12181-13 Fantasy
D12181-5 Mocha D12181-14 Deep Sea
D12181-6 Mango D12181-15 Jasmine
D12181-7 Peanut D12181-16 Metal
D12181-8 Pomelo D12181-17 Charcoal
D12181-9 Pumpkin D12181-18 Midnight